George Gilmour Members’ Gallery

Jeannette Nguyen

In Development


September 15, 2017October 14, 2017

Opening Reception

September 15, 20177:00 - 9:00 PM


  • Jeannette Nguyen, The Fear of Realization, 2017, screenprint, 9” x 12”.
  • Jeannette Nguyen, The Fear of Realization II, 2017, screenprint, 9” x 12”.

Jeannette Nguyen’s work is illustrative and graphic in style, comical with strokes of whimsy. She works with themes revolving around subconscious anxieties often pertaining to nature, animals, the environment and our human relationship to these things. She often depicts real and magical creatures trying to live life in slightly altered but real environments. At times these creatures are shown carrying on as they normally would in their made up worlds, allowing the viewer to get a glimpse of their personal plights. This work is currently being combined with the concepts and structures around the process of making art; combining and demonstrating parts of her process, which is the foundation of where her final images derive.

As a screenprinter, Jeannette Nguyen is no stranger to having a process. Screenprinting is quite a process in and of itself. There’s a list of steps which must followed at all costs—if something is overlooked or neglected, errors and inconsistencies begin to rear their ugly heads and destroy what you’ve already worked so hard to build. The process is the rigidity that creation needs and requires in order to produce, to make ideas and concepts come to fruition. Nguyen loves the process; it keeps her in line and enables her to take what started as perhaps a simple thought, a doodle, into a tangible expression of ideas, emotions, dreams, fears and all the rest. It’s something that one can easily obsess about, adding, subtracting, or simply just rearranging steps to see its’ efficiencies, or its’ effects on the work. With so much of one’s practice focused on the process, Nguyen wanted to dedicate some of her practice to the process, in a different way than she had been previously. By demonstrating her process within a finished work, she could share it with the audience, as well as tell her own stories within, and sometimes outside the rigid perspective lines. With a focus on illustration, it possesses the traits and styles of previous works, playing with the foundations of where drawing can begin.