George Gilmour Members’ Gallery

Laine Groeneweg

Makers, Believers


September 13, 2012October 20, 2012

Opening Reception

September 13, 2012


Laine Groenweg, Boy Is A Boat, etching and aquatint, 2012.

Laine Groeneweg’s Makers, Believers looks at and inspires conversations relating to notions of work and play. At what point did play become work, and when did the innocence of it all become so real? Conversely, when does it all become play again? How is it possible that some of us never lose touch with that sense of play, or find ourselves re-discovering it? We all dream about being something or someone, and in our imaginations anything is possible. We are free to play and can go anywhere, do and be anything; however, it would seem that as time goes by, the reality of our dreams become more difficult to achieve – not impossible, but at a greater distance than they once were. How do we get there? Or are we left stranded by the way-side? Inevitably, reality intersects our imagination, and it’s that juncture that the artist is most interested in capturing through this series of prints and his work and play.