Group Exhibition: Monochrome

Alex Thompson, Sector 1, 2017, etching and aquatint on paper, paper size: 30” x 22”.

Laine Groeneweg, Peanut Butter & Jellyfish, 2016, mezzotint on paper, image size: 12” diameter, paper size: 22” x 22”.

Laura Widmer, Cirrus, 2015, linocut on paper, edition of 24, paper size: 42” x 29”.

Project Space
Group Exhibition: Monochrome

October 20, 2017 – November 18, 2017

By definition, monochrome is the use of a single colour or values of a colour in an artwork. Monochromatic composition simplifies the imagery and injects drama into the work. The artists in this group exhibition—Laine Groeneweg, Alex Thompson and Laura Widmer—create monochromatic works to define the space that their subjects inhabit, creating dramatic effects that pull the viewer into their work. The ocean creatures in Laine Groeneweg’s mezzotints on paper are inspired by dreams, folklore, and the ocean’s landscape. Groeneweg’s deep blue prints interpret the vast and often mystical power of the ocean. Alex Thompson’s prints channel the motifs and imagery of the urban environment, capturing intricate spaces that situate familiar elements with new and reconfigured surroundings. Laura Widmer’s black and white linocuts are concerned with the in-between moments and the intentional tension that the print medium presents. When the viewer is close to Widmer’s prints, they appear abstracted and the blacks and whites are isolated. As one moves away from the work, the brain is increasingly able to resolve the black-or-white binary into subtle greys and the large-scale images take shape.