Open Studio Gallery

An Open Studio group exhibition celebrating 50 years



November 20, 2020March 6, 2021


  • Installation shot of 'Murmuration', an Open Studio group exhibition celebrating 50 years. Please see image list for artwork details.
  • 'Murmuration' board designed by Fatima Garzan.
  • Installation shot of 'Murmuration'. Boards designed by the following artists (top to bottom): Arwen Giel, Jenn Law, and Laura Demers.
  • 'Murmuration' board designed by Alysa-Beth Engel.
  • Installation shot of 'Murmuration'. Boards designed by the following artists (top to bottom): Rebecca Cowan, Diana Birkenheier, and Steven Murray.
  • 'Murmuration' board designed by Steven Murray.
  • 'Murmuration' board designed by Karen Curry.
  • Installation shot of 'Murmuration'. Boards designed by the following artists (top to bottom): Jae Lee, Phyllis Gordon, and Lorna Livey.
  • Installation shot of 'Murmuration'. Boards designed by the following artists (top to bottom): Liz Menard, Mary Baranowski-Lowden, Yael Brotman and Otis Tamasauskas.

Please note that exhibition viewings are paused at this time.

“In these times of enforced isolation how can we remember and reinforce the benefit of being together? Community should not always be considered valuable on the basis of pure numbers. Surely the power is in how our numbers increase the possibilities of cooperation?  A friend of mine once spoke of the strength and momentum in a murmuration of birds. Birds flying together in formation, creating elaborate configurations, the sky becomes patterned with the birds in flight. A murmuration is a visual reminder of the power and beauty of connectivity”. – Patrick Macaulay, Executive Director of Open Studio.

Murmuration was built on the idea of connectivity and artistic innovation, and was inspired by the House of Cards project designed by Ray and Charles Eames in the 1950s. Murmuration brings together a community of Open Studio Artist Members to create a unique, interconnected print media project. Each printed piece will exist as a standalone work on a wooden substrate. The individual pieces will be slotted in union with other pieces to create a final structure. Like a puzzle, the final piece will demonstrate a larger whole, a gathering of parts that symbolizes community and knowledge sharing of print media. Murmuration is about artists coming together to create a large-scale work of art.

Curatorial assistance provided by Rebecca Travis, Print Sales & Archive Manager.


An image list of all the works is available here.

Participating artists:

Anne Abbass, Sally Ayre, Mary Baranowski-Lowden, Diana Birkenheier, Yael Brotman, Jane Burns, Laura Bydlowska, Linda Carreiro, Carlina Chen, Rebecca Cowan, Claudine Crangle, Susan Cunningham, Karen Curry, Victoria Day, Laura Demers, Agata Derda, Rocky Dobey, Pamela Dodds, Rachael Dodgson, Samsam Elmi, Alysa-Beth Engel, Elizabeth Forrest, Christine Fry, Anna Gaby-Trotz, Fatima Garzan, Arwen Giel, Phyllis Gordon, Elena Gorlenko, Libby Hague, Peter Hendrick, Astrid Ho, Jenn Law, Jae Lee, Brenda Joy Lem, Lorna Livey, Liz Menard, Steven Murray, Loree Ovens, Jessica Palmer, Liz Parkinson, Irinia Schestakowich, Snaige Sileika, Penelope Stewart, Otis Tamasauskas, Alexandra Terrell, Heather J. A. Thomson, Pudy Tong, Rebecca Travis, Alexandra Tremblay, Ann Unger, Meggan Winsley and Joy Wong