PRESS RECORD: prints from the Open Studio Archive

Exhibition: 'PRESS RECORD: Prints from the Open Studio Archive'. Jan.10-Feb.8, 2020.

Installation shot featuring work left to right: Vera Frenkel, Gordon Smith, Sameer Farooq, Tim Pitsiulak and Micah Lexier (vitrine).

Archive exhibition, 'PRESS RECORD', OS ephemera, Jan.10-Feb.8, 2020.

Left: ‘Gift’, Right: ‘Hand’, Zenji Funabashi, 1980, screenprint, 16” x 15.6”, OS Proof, 60/60. Courtesy the artist and Open Studio Archive.

Archive ledger.

Main Gallery
PRESS RECORD: prints from the Open Studio Archive

January 10, 2020 – February 8, 2020

Meet the Curator Rebecca Travis: January 25, 12:00 pm
Join us for an informal talk about our current exhibition PRESS RECORD: Prints from the Open Studio Archive, led by Curator Rebecca Travis.

Open Studio is excited to present its first 50th anniversary exhibition PRESS RECORD featuring prints and ephemera from the Open Studio Archive, curated by Sales and Archive Manager, Rebecca Travis.

In his reflections upon the first decade of Open Studio, co-founder Richard Sewell referred to it as a “unique recording studio for the visual arts”, drawing a comparison between the audio recording studio and the printmaking studio as sites for creative strategy, technical collaboration and experimentation.

If Open Studio is a visual recording studio, then its sprawling archive acts as a lengthy back catalogue, a record of records comprised of one edition from every print pulled at the studio in its now 50-year history. As we embark on the exciting project to digitize and visualize the Open Studio Archive for the first time, PRESS RECORD presents just a small selection of artwork from half a century of printmaking at the studio, from greatest hits produced with artists renowned across Canada and beyond, to surprising B-sides, collaborations between artists and master printmakers, one-off releases and bestsellers.

Featured artists include: Sameer Farooq, Vera Frenkel, Zenji Funabashi, Michael Snow, Rita Letendre, Micah Lexier, Roula Partheniou, Tim Pitsiulak, Derek Sullivan, and many more.

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Funded by the Government of Canada.