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Varied Editions Featured Artist
Isabelle Hémard
April 4, 2014 – May 10, 2014

Varied Editions Online Exhibition: Isabelle Hémard

Varied Editions is a virtual exhibition space showcasing the work of Open Studio’s Artist Membership; this online gallery features a rotating schedule of solo exhibitions of work by Open Studio’s artist members. Click below to view this online exhibition.

Isabelle Hémard’s work is deeply influenced by her French upbringing  surrounded by history, culture and man-made beauty. Hémard studied Visual  Arts in Rouen, France where she woke up every morning to the view of Claude  Monet’s beloved cathedral. In the early 1990s she moved to Toronto. She has been a member and has worked at Open Studio ever since. Her work is permanently exhibited in several Canadian Embassies throughout the world, as well in private collections. Her latest work Love lace has taken inspiration in the French  tradition of the “trousseau”: monogrammed tablecloth, sheets, a silver fork, a spoon, or a napkin ring usually created and accumulated during a French woman’s early years, given to her when she was leaving home to be married. They were signs of her wealth, her heritage, her history, her culture: signs of her belonging to a family.