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Sally Ayre

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January 10, 2014February 15, 2014


Sally Ayre, Buttercup Botanical, Traces, 2013, screenprint on Hoskawa Japanese Washi, 9 " x 12".

Sally Ayre’s Traces series revolves around a collection of family letters, early 20th century botanical drawings by her grandmother and amateur botanist Agnes Marion Ayre and her own personal collection of scanned objects and photographic images. The work is a further examination of Ayre’s Newfoundland roots and the landscapes and objects that trigger, layer and construct her memory of place. Sally Ayre is a photo-based artist born in Newfoundland, now living in Toronto. A graduate of OCAD (1990), she has exhibited her work nationally and internationally. Recent exhibitions include Traces, (Open Studio, Toronto, ON), Boundless and Borderless (Station Gallery, Whitby, ON and Sydney Printmakers, Sydney, Australia) and Jumelage, (John B. Aird Gallery, Toronto, ON and Engramme, Quebec City, QC).