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January 8, 2009January 31, 2009

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January 8, 20096:30 - 8:30 PM


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Reliquary, a solo exhibition by Windsor-based artist Victor Romão, presented Romão’s hybrid self-portraits and reliquary objects, which reflect on ‘traditionally masculine roles’, through a combination of two- and three-dimensional work. A brochure with an essay by Toronto-based artist and writer Luke Painter accompanies this exhibition.

Grounded in the artist’s experiences growing up in rural Southwestern Ontario, Romão’s work deals with the issue of male violence through evolutionary, biological and sociological examinations. Influenced by his investigation of the traditions of classical narrative sculpture and Japanese Ukyo-e printmaking, Romão creates a narrative that positions his own history as a male observer of and participant in violent events, in order to better understand his place and perception within the context of male history.

As essay writer Luke Painter points out, Victor Romão investigates identity and gender politics in a personal and distinctive way, through the presentation of images of “maleness” that undermine our expectations. Romão’s modern-day reliquaries conflate historical and contemporary sources, creating conduits of the male experience.

Victor Romão is a Canadian artist working and living in Windsor, Ontario. He is interested in a variety of practices mainly focusing on sculpture and printmaking. He has recently been exploring male sexuality, violence and self-image through examining rural Canadian males and their activities. He holds a BFA from the University of Windsor and is presently enrolled in the University of Windsor’s Visual Arts MFA program. The artist wishes to thank the Ontario Arts Council.

Luke Painter is an artist living and working in Toronto. Recent solo exhibitions of his work include Phantasm at Angell Gallery in Toronto and New Work at Bonneau-Samames Art Contemporain in Marseille, France. This year his work is being shown in a number of art fairs including: Slick Art Fair in Paris, Pulse Art Fair in Miami, Pulse Art Fair in New York and the Toronto International Art Fair. He is also an Assistant Professor at OCAD and an instructor at Toronto School of Art and York University.